Volunteer Leadership Team

We aim to be a congregation where every member has the opportunity to prayerfully & intentionally discover and use their spiritual gifts. Our church will be led by all members of the body so that all believers grow to be a disciple and a "discipler."


Outreach Ministry

Robin Williams


In faithfulness to the Great Commission of Matt 24:14, 28:16-20 and Three Angel’s Messages of Rev. 14:6-12, we intentionally seek to serve the needs of our local community. 

Ministry Leader- Robin Williams







Hospitality Ministry


We aim to foster fellowship and spiritual growth through small groups. Creating an inclusive environment that supports and welcomes all

Ministry Leader- Claire Paschal






Music Ministry



We come together on the Sabbath as a community of believers to worship God and honor Him as our Creator and Redeemer.

Ministry Leader- Michael Paschal







Church Elder

Elder Tim Gragg- We seek God through individual and community prayer as well as individual and community Bible study. We are committed to Biblical teaching that grows spiritual, passionate, and transformed disciples.









Church Clerk

Church Clerk Lindile Ncube- Our clerk reports membership and transfers, in communication with the KYTN Conference of SDA. And, takes charge of recording Leadership Team meeting minutes.










Church Treasurer


Church Treasurer Tamy Cooper- Our treasurer takes on the responsibility of ensuring that all donations are properly recorded, deposited, and disbursed. She also prepares monthly and annual reports in order to advise the state of church finances to the local Leadership Team and local church members.